Having the right security in place is essential for many businesses when it comes to protecting
their premises, personnel and assets. Having a visible security presence acts as a great
deterrent to potential criminal activity. However, many business owners often wonder whether
manned security guarding or mobile security patrols are the best option for them.The answer really all depends on the size of the business, and what the business is trying to achieve by investing in the service they need.

When manned security guarding is required

For any businesses that has a high footfall of visitors, staff, deliveries or high value assets
static manned security guarding will likely be the right option. Trained SIA licensed security
officers will be able to protect entrances to a premises. They would be able to reduce the risk of
criminal activity, including theft or damage of assets, as well as prevent any unauthorised
access in general.

This type of security service will ensure that a business has a consistent, highly visible security
presence, which will let staff, customers or visitors know that the business is keeping them safe.
Some work sites run the risks of putting personnel or assets at risk, so having manned security
officers in place will act as an extremely effective deterrent.

A smartly dressed trained Security Officer is a valuable asset to any business and are the first
point of contact for your visitors, so as well as providing a Security presence they are equipped
with the relevant skills to act as concierge or gatehouse operative booking visitors, deliveries
and staff members.

When mobile security patrols are needed

Unlike manned security guarding, mobile security patrols are as the name suggests able to
move around sites, to ensure they are protected and any suspicious or criminal activity is
reported. This type of security can of course be particularly effective at premises that are closed,
as patrols can keep a watchful eye on sites when they are empty and more vulnerable,
CCTV can of course be effective at these sites, but there will still be spots that the cameras
cannot see, so having experienced mobile security patrols ready to react is still critical. Carrying out regular patrols and monitoring CCTV, will help to significantly reduce the risk of crime. Of
course the size of each site will determine the frequency of which mobile patrols are required.

Why choose SGC for manned security or mobile security?

No matter the size of the organisation, SGC guarantees to fulfil any security requirements
clients have. Our highly trained and fully SIA licensed security guards always take a proactive
and professional approach, and our manned security officers are fully equipped to handle
whatever situations the job demands.

When it comes to our mobile security patrols, our experienced team can carry out thorough
inspections of any sites, providing a proactive & professional approach that ensures they remain unharmed. Whether through internal & external patrols, open-air security, or patrol vehicles, we’ll deliver the right security solution to you.

To determine the service you require, we can provide you with a FREE comprehensive site
security audit – simply contact us here today.

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