Security alarms can be an extremely effective deterrent of criminal activity and help boost any construction site security or vacant property security measures. However, even the most state-of-the-art alarm systems won’t always stop the most tenacious criminals from trying.

Thankfully business security systems are always evolving, and new and innovative security software and technology is being developed. All of which leads to fewer false alarms, and more comprehensive protection. One of these innovations is the evolution of video verifications systems, and here we’ll help you understand how they can protect your business…

What is a video verification system?

Essentially it involves the pairing of alarm notifications with the live video clips of whatever activity has triggered an alarm. This can then be relayed to a central security operations centre, which then allows security officers to instantly see exactly what has activated a specific alarm. 

They can then verify if there is actual criminal activity occurring, or if the alarm triggered was a false one. Any business owners will also receive instant notifications if intruders are indeed detected.

So crucially, video verification systems can allow construction site security, vacant property security or any other business security operators to catch criminals in the act. Meaning the police can then be deployed as the crime is still going on. 

How video verification systems work?

This type of security system is being utilised more and more for construction site security and vacant property security, but it’s also very efficient and effective for any type of business. While conventional alarm systems might detect the tripping of an alarm sensor, they aren’t able to actually verify the cause of the alarm. 

With video verification, operators at a security operations centre can see the footage instantly and determine whether the trigger is a false alarm or worthy of a police dispatch. Thanks to having much more information, business owners and law enforcement can more easily implement safer plans of action when alarms are triggered.

Why is Video Verification so effective for businesses? 

  • Significantly reduced rate of false alarms – Naturally you’ll want the fastest security and police response available as a business owner paying for security alarm systems. With video verification you’ll be able to get confirmation of an actual crime instantly, ensuring authorities will be dispatched. 
  • Cost savings – Thanks to having an extremely reduced rate of false alarms, any costs that would have been lost from this will also be saved. 
  • A greatly increased apprehension rate – Thanks to instant verification of actual criminal activity and significantly faster response times, law enforcement will be able to make more successful arrests.
  • Access to valuable evidence – Video verification can capture video before, during, and after the criminal activity has taken place. All of which can turn into valuable evidence and real-time information for law enforcement. Security operators at an operations centre can also monitor video and alert police without criminals being aware.

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