Proactive vacant property security specialists

    If you have a vacant property that needs protecting, our team at SGC Security Services can
    provide you with the most suitable, cost-effective and reliable empty property security solutions.

    We’re UK leading specialists when it comes to empty property security, and have been for over
    a decade. Our team has the expertise, resources and equipment to deliver.

    Vacant properties are vulnerable to organised crime, petty criminals, trespassers, squatters and
    vandals, which means it’s essential to have the right protection in place. Don’t settle for anything
    less than the best, most experienced security to help prevent unwanted damage.


    Looking for experts in empty property security?

    If you’re looking for expert vacant property security in the following areas:

    > Hertfordshire
    > Cambridge
    > Bristol

    Then our highly-trained team can offer a range of solutions that can be tailored to keep your
    empty premises safe, secure and protected. We strive to work collaboratively with you to deliver
    the exact service you need, which fully conforms with your insurance requirements.

    Whether it’s a team of highly-trained SIA-licensed security guards, or technological systems you
    require such as alarms and CCTV, we have the expertise to provide exactly what our clients
    need to secure vacant properties, no matter the size.

    Get in touch today to discuss your exact requirements.

    Why choose us as your vacant property specialists?




    Security for vacant properties should never be overlooked, as not only does it deter criminal
    activity, it also protects the value of your property and prevents damage from ever happening.

    At SGC, we consistently deliver trusted, industry accredited vacant property security,
    intrinsically designed to prevent any threats or damage, while using best practice and operating
    to the highest standards.

    We can provide a range of services as part of our empty property security solutions, including:

    > Security boarding and security fencing
    > Wireless Alarm & CCTV
    Manned guarding security services
    > Uniformed security response services
    > Bailiff services
    > Traveller eviction
    > Lock changes
    Security key holding
    Security mobile patrols
    > Temporary intruder alarm systems
    > Security signage
    > Property Inspections and Meter readings


    If you’re uncertain about which type of service you require for your vacant property, our security
    experts will provide a comprehensive free site security audit, to fully assess your needs. Our
    bespoke, proactive approach to security will provide you with complete peace of mind knowing
    premises are completely secure.

    Act Now – Get A Free Personalised Quote Today

    Don’t underestimate the protection of your empty premises – act now to get the experienced
    vacant property security service you need.

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