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    • Essex, Kent, London, Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham

    Then look no further…

    Our Security dogs will be under the constant control of their NASDU qualified handler so will be no threat to workers or other staff members operating at your site.

    With both handler and dog working in tandem, you get dual benefits in the form of a highly trained Security Guard plus a dog. This brings the visual deterrent, improved hearing abilities, and an unparalleled sense of smell.

    As a result, one Security dog unit can be as effective as several conventional Security Guards working around your premises.

    Industries we cover;

    Security Dogs – Explosives Detection

    SGC Security Services highly trained explosives detection teams undertake dedicated searches of key risk areas, according to your venue and event needs. We can help to enhance your overall Security processes by providing dedicated searches of:

    • Buildings (e.g. offices, hotels, theatres)
    • Routes (e.g. evacuation routes, VIP routes)
    • Open Areas (e.g. stadia, festival grounds, car parks)
    • Vehicles (e.g. at vehicle entry points/checkpoints)
    • Cargo/luggage (e.g. post, air freight, attendee luggage)

    Our handlers are trained to deal with all eventualities and will liaise with;

    clients, stakeholders, the emergency services, as well as the general public to ensure robust Security procedures and venue/event safety.

    Our EDD teams will integrate effectively with your existing Security Personnel, providing an additional level of assurance and improving overall safety

    Security Dogs – Drugs Detection

    SGC Security Services specialist drugs detection teams have experience working alongside the police and are able to screen people, cargo/luggage and open areas:

    • PASSIVE SEARCHES: Non-invasive people screening to detect substances in crowds and queues, searching, for example, employees or event attendees. These can be one-off for an event or frequent searches, according to your needs. In addition to providing dedicated searches, dog/handler teams can also present as a visual deterrent.
    • PRO-ACTIVE SEARCHES: Sweeps of rooms, open areas, and cargo/luggage – these can be one-off or regular, dependent on risk levels and needs

    As with all our detection dog teams, our drug dog teams are fully licensed and trained on live substances. Whether working for the Police/licensing department, searching cargo and luggage, or screening employees, our drug dog teams are flexible and adaptable to any situation.

    What we can provide

    • Tailored Training Plan
    • On-Site Training
    • Dogs can be transported to a location
    • Ex-Police and Military Dog Handlers
    • We tailor substance identification to your specific needs
    • Delivery of Training to British Standards 8517

    Training should be conducted regularly in order to maintain capability, with additional training undertaken as necessary when any performance issues are identified or when a new capability needs to be introduced.

    If you are planning an event and would like some expert advice on what kind of Security would be right for you, we can provide you with all of the information you need. We can also help guide you throughout the process.

    Our Security teams will be there for you before, during, and after your event giving you peace of mind, so that you can focus on the other key areas which will ensure your event to be a success.

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