At SGC, we understand that for any business, having a vacant property can mean that it’s more vulnerable to organised crime, petty criminals, trespassers, squatters and vandals. So it’s essential to have the right level of experienced and comprehensive vacant property security in place.

We have the expertise, resources and equipment to deliver the most suitable, cost-effective and reliable void property security solutions. And we also supply our clients with thorough breakdowns of exactly what’s happened on their sites at the end of each month. We do this thanks to our advanced camera systems which link to our security operations centre.

Video verification system saves you money

One of the many sites we provide this level of security for is an empty care home, known as a “Void Property”. At this site we have installed our state-of-the-art video verification system for our client.

These systems are battery operated, GSM, Wireless PIR Cameras and can be seamlessly installed into any vacant property by our security experts. When the PIR is activated the camera kicks in, and immediately records a 10 second video that is then sent to the portal for our highly-trained Operations Team to “verify” exactly what’s going on.

If an intruder is ever spotted, we can dispatch our patrol driver to get the site straight away to deal with the situation and if necessary we will alert the authorities. If we see nothing, we close the alert down. Being able to remotely verify what’s happening at all times, means we only respond to a “verified” intruder, which saves our clients £35 per call out for our patrol driver.

We can save our clients thousands

With one of our latest void property clients, we managed to save them £3815 last month alone, simply because they weren’t being invoiced for any false activations.

The great thing is, these systems don’t need any power or internet access and we hire them out, meaning they are extremely cost effective for every client. Plus, it’s a cheaper alternative to having an on-site manned guarding security presence.

Since we installed the video verification system for our latest client, there has been a total of 109 activations, none of which have been a verified intruder.

The activations have been a mix of:

  • Official visitors to the site who have forgotten to turn the alarm off.
  • Site tests.
  • The weather, particularly strong winds.
  • Spiders and possibly a ghost or two. . .

The point is that even though these instances weren’t an intruder, we were able to watch and verify that there was definitely nothing suspicious going on.

Proving the video verification systems and activation processes are working and clients are not being invoiced for false activations, as the team can verify the video footage and make a decision on whether to respond.

You can see our system in action with the videos below, with the first one being a prime example of an official visitor who forgot to turn the alarm off, and after a few escalation calls we were able to verify who it was without issue.


If you have a vacant property that needs protecting, the team here at SGC can provide the proactive and effective approach you need when it comes to fulfilling your empty property security requirements.

We are a leading void property security company and have been for over a decade. Meaning you will receive industry-leading security for your vacant property.

We also provide FREE comprehensive site security audits and can assess exactly what security services will be most effective for your business – simply contact us here today.

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