Without a doubt the ongoing global pandemic has forced many businesses to close the doors while they wait to fully re-open. Some have even had to move entirely, leaving many vacant properties around the country. There’s likely more empty commercial property around than there has been in a long time, and as a result the demand for vacant property security has increased dramatically.

We’ve got some tips to help your business when it comes to empty property security…

Use security monitoring to your advantage

Most business sites will have an alarm system installed, as a deterrent and to help prevent criminal activity. Alarms create an audible siren response of course, alerting security teams and allowing for law enforcement to be dispatched once a breach has been detected. Security monitoring has become much more advanced over the years, and security operators can control their alarm systems remotely, even with smart devices, or any device connected to the internet.

Criminals will become emboldened when a property is empty, especially if they believe that no one will hear the alarm system going off. With the advancement of security monitoring technology, these systems are now no longer affected by phone lines being cut, or a storm or other environmental factors. Instead, they can instantly communicate with a security operations centre, gather evidence via video verification and alert law enforcement. 

Install cameras to watch over vacant property

Speaking of video verification, installing cameras at any empty premises will certainly serve as an effective deterrent to crime, while also giving more tools to help solve it. Oftentimes, criminals will leave the property as soon as the alarm sounds, but businesses can still incur some loss and damage even after a short break-in. 

Therefore, it’s also important to be able to find the culprits and determine exactly what happened during any criminal activity. This is where video security can become invaluable. As cameras can be installed both the inside and outside of properties. Boosting the vacant property security, by providing evidence to help authorities identify criminals and by helping to prevent a crime from happening in the first place. 

Consider environmental sensors

Security sensors can work really effectively when it comes to empty property security. As they are designed to detect freezing, flooding, and high or low temperatures, which can keep business owners informed of any environmental hazards that could lead to costly damage.

Sensors can be connected to a security system on site, which can notify an operations centre as soon as any issue is detected. Security isn’t always just about criminal damage, as it’s vital that something like flooding is detected quickly and efficiently too. With security sensors in place, you’ll be able to address problems promptly, minimising damage and repair costs. 

Utilise hardware for accessing the property

It’s a good idea to control and track access to your business property, especially if it’s predominantly empty. Security systems that control and track access make use of electronic locking hardware to operate specific doors within the property. Meaning those authorised to enter would need to present a credential to pass through. Sometimes these can even be biometric, such as eye scanners, but generally speaking they would take the form of a card or fob, which needs to be presented to a reader. 

Fobs can even be assigned to only open specific doors at certain times, allowing you to have much more control over who accesses the vacant property and when. They can also create a notification if anyone attempts to use a card or fob at the wrong door, or if they’re not authorised to have access at all. 

Use an SIA ACS Approved Manned Guarding Company

If you have a vacant property that needs protecting, the team here at SGC can provide the proactive and effective approach you need when it comes to fulfilling your empty property security requirements. 

We are a leading void property security company and have been for over a decade. Meaning you will receive industry-leading security for your vacant property.  

We also provide FREE comprehensive site security audits and  can assess exactly what security services will be most effective for your business – simply contact us here today.

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