Are you and your staff returning to work soon?

    Like many people out there are you apprehensive about returning to work?

    We have been socially distancing now for several months and soon we will be asked to go back to the office and once again mix with our work colleagues and may find it impossible to keep 2m ➡ apart.

    I ask this question as I had a meeting at Canary Wharf this week with a client who is taking the welfare of their staff very seriously, they have chosen to check the temperature of every member of staff as they enter the workplace using our Body Temperature Thermal Camera System linked to their access control system.

    The camera uses facial recognition to verify they are an employee and at the same time carry out a body temperature scan and will check if they are wearing a 😷

    Three questions for you

    1. Would a system like this put your mind at ease when returning to work?
    2. What measures would make you feel more comfortable about going back to work?
    3. What measures would you expect your employer to put in place to make you feel more at ease?


    Please click on the link below to find out how we can support you further in hiring a body temperature thermal camera system. ⬇

    Event Crowd Safety Kent

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