Would you like a company that takes seriously the need for you to be provided security? Do you require a bodyguard service in London? Here at SGC Security Services, we are committed to bringing you a high class service in the art of safety – don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information. 

We understand that those people who rank as high net worth individuals, and are easily recognisable, can face unwanted attention when in the public eye. The knock-on effect of this is that they can find it difficult to operate, get around, and have a personal life away from the gaze of their fans. This is where we here at SGC Security Services are able to step in, as one of the premier suppliers of bodyguard services in London. We have experience in supplying close protection officers to a wide range of clients – from sporting celebrities, to stars of the musical world, we are dedicated to ensuring that threats from political opponents, stalkers and terrorists are eliminated. If you would like to read about how we achieve our goal of total protection, we encourage you to read over the details on our website.

In order to provide a premium service to our clients, in the art of bodyguard services in London, we strive to get our employees qualified and accredited in numerous fields. Here at SGC Security Services, we hold qualifications from The British Bodyguard Association and the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network, but to name a few. For anyone that is curious, and would like to see a full list of accreditations that we are currently holding, we invite you to browse through the extensive list. These all subsequently allow us to provide our clients with a vast list of services – no matter if you simply need CCTV surveillance equipment for your commercial property, or have an event that needs manned security, we are here to help. Our full provided services can be also be viewed at your leisure.

Here at SGC Security Services, we appreciate that in the modern era, the experience of the customer, and the care that they receive, is equally as important as the service provided itself. For those that would like to take advantage of our bodyguard services in London, we want to be as accessible as possible to prospective clients. Therefore, if you would like to talk to one of our customer service operators, you can do so by calling us on 0330 053 5686, or by sending us an email at info@sgcsecurityservices.co.uk. Alternately, we have a general enquiries form situated on the contact page of our website. 

SaBRE Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award Winner 2014,2017
City of London Crime Prevention Association
Safe Contractor
Action Counters Terrorism
Skills for Security
FSOA  Stadium Safety Expertise
Highfield Qualifications
The British Bodyguard Association
ISO9001 - CCAS
United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network