SGC Security Services Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is a fully managed response solution giving you peace of mind that your lone workers have the support of highly trained staff who work 24/7 to respond to alerts effectively and efficiently. Using the SGC Security Services first Responder service has the least impact on your business, as our staff will handle any calls directed to them as fully as they are able, only engaging other staff when the situation demands – e.g. to request key holders, to notify you of an alarm situation or to request further information to aid in verifying an alarm.

When an employee requests our Global Security Operations Centre our controllers will call out the nearest available response service driver to the incident. Response times will vary and partly depend on the location of the incident: there will be a quicker response in city centres than in remote rural areas.

Our controllers will maintain regular contact with both the user and the response vehicle until the emergency has been attended and dealt with.

1. Operators who are trained to verify alarms promptly and escalate responses to emergency services if needed.
2. Operators are trained to empathise, re-assure and support individuals in emergency or distressed states until help arrives.
3. Operators who undergo regular and dedicated lone worker response training.
4. Operators who liaise with your security and key holding companies to direct resources to your lone workers.
5. Effective and immediate response for geographically diverse work forces where colleagues are not close by.
6. Effective and immediate response for out-of-hours workers where contact with other colleagues’ ability to respond is limited or non-existent.

SGC Security Services Global Security Operations Centre Response Service is an integral part and provides an alternative emergency response should the emergency services be unable to attend an incident, an emergency service is not appropriate, or for any non-emergency response that employees may require.

We are certified by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme which ensures continuous high standards are achieved.

Intuitive dashboard

Simple and easy to use, the dashboard utilises an array of features which presents concise metrics, allowing you to view panels you’ve pinned and customised.

Quickly respond to lone worker alerts

The management portal allows you to view live alerts and respond as per your company’s escalation hierarchy to any lone worker alarms that need your assistance.

Real-time lone worker system

The portal also provides you with real-time information to ensure your lone workers are given the best possible protection at all times, whatever their shift patterns or locations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Maps, locations and geo-fencing

The management portal allows you to view live alerts and respond as per you escalation hierarchy to any lone worker alarms that need your assistance.

Through the portal you can virtually zone an area to automatically report when a lone worker enters and exits each geo fence zone.

Do you need security services in London? Here at SGC Security Services, we can help. As a company, we provide a range of services such a door supervision, close protection, mobile patrolling and security guards. Over the years SGC Security Services we have built a great reputation and now we are seen to be industry leaders in the work we do.

We have SIA Approved Contractor Status (ACS), so SGC Security Services in London complies fully with British Standard in security. We help large and small business and individuals too, our services are available 24/7 across the United Kingdom, although we are able to work internationally as well. The safety of our clients and our own employees is paramount to us, therefore we fully risk assess everything we do; hence this is shown as we are Safe Contractor accredited, this shows we have strong health and safety. 

Why should you use security services in London? Having a security company can help to be a deterrent, many thefts happen as there is no physical presence to show that something is secure. Many criminals are deterred when there is a fear of being caught. One of the most popular services we provide is internal security guards for businesses. This is a service which can include monitor security cameras, respond to alarms patrolling your property and other control room operations. 

The benefit of using security services in London is that we have outstanding client satisfaction levels. We are very proud of the excellent reputation we have created for ourselves. For our clients, we will try and accommodate any security request they have. We will work with you to asses your property and needs, and create a plan to stop any criminal from damaging your business. London is a vibrant and busy place and lots of things are always happening, hence you need a security company who can carry out work to an industry-leading level.

If you require security services in London, you should get in touch with us today. However, if your unsure as to which service would be suitable for you then we’ll happily give you our professional opinion regarding which services would benefit you most. You can speak to a member of our team by calling 0330 053 5686 and we will assist you further. Alternatively, you can contact us directly on info@sgcsecurityservices.co.uk; if you email us, we will try and get back you as soon as possible. 

SaBRE Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award Winner 2014,2017
City of London Crime Prevention Association
Safe Contractor
Action Counters Terrorism
Skills for Security
FSOA  Stadium Safety Expertise
Highfield Qualifications
The British Bodyguard Association
ISO9001 - CCAS
United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network