Back in April, during the first national lockdown, UK Police announced that crime had fallen by twenty eight percent, and that overall burglaries had seen a 37% drop during that time. Despite these statistics though, many businesses were understandably concerned about their offices, storage spaces etc being left unattended, vacant and potentially vulnerable.

Now a second national lockdown is here, and it’s essential that businesses have specific measures in place to help prevent vandalism, theft, arson or property damage. Unfortunately many businesses simply don’t have the security needed, especially when it comes to vacant property security. And with 109,391 burglary cases recorded by businesses last year alone, according to the FSB, it certainly appears these businesses will be left susceptible to such crimes.

Thankfully, our experts here at SGC Security Services have spent close to two decades providing adaptive, collaborative and highly-responsive security services. We’re extremely proud to be in a position to offer advice, and potentially help save you as a business owner a lot of heartache and money.



The steps you can take to keep your business safe

There are steps you can take to help better protect yourself and your staff from vandalism, theft, arson and property damages. We’ve got some key security measures you can put in place to help improve the safety of your business during these difficult times. . .

Lock away valuables 

Similar to any domestic property, it’s a good idea to keep any highly valuable items or equipment securely locked away and crucially out of sight. Many burglaries occur because criminals can be tempted by what’s on show. Make full use of staff lockers, to ensure belongings are not left exposed. Make use of or invest in either a home, fireproof or a high-security safe for things like cash, important documents or belongings that are kept on your business premises.

Install a surveillance system

One of the best ways to help protect personnel and property, as well as deter criminals when properties are left vacant, is to install an effective security surveillance system. You’ll be required by the Data Protection Act and GDPR to put signs up informing people that there’s a surveillance system in place, which in itself will work as a deterrent. 

However, thanks to new and innovative security software and technology, you also have the option of utilising a video verification system to help your business. This can work as an extremely effective method for boosting any site security or vacant property security measures. And could mean the difference between a burglar choosing your business to burgle or another. Plus, it will allow your security teams to respond quickly, mean fewer false alarms for you, and provide you with all the evidence you need to catch culprits red-handed.

Review and replace locks

Make sure you check over every lock and replace them if necessary with an upgrade. This is especially important if you think someone could still have access to your building that shouldn’t. Smart locks could be a great option for you, as although they have a higher initial outlay, you can take advantage of features such as audit trails and access control. 

Make use of security lighting

Those wanting to burgle property or cause damage will very likely do so at night, under the cover of darkness. Therefore another effective way of protecting your business is by utilising security lighting  as a way to deter unwanted visitors. They will be able to detect motion and switch on automatically, exposing them as they try to approach. Clever use of lighting can ensure your business has no areas where criminals can lurk. 

Opt for an effective alarm system

An alarm system can not only shorten the time limit that a criminal has to do damage to your building, but a smart alarm can also instantly notify you when it goes off. You and your security teams can get notifications even by phone with alarm systems, allowing you to quickly react to the situation. If you use key fobs, these can be allocated and tracked so that you can always check who locked and unlocked any door at any specific time.

Use fireproofing measures

If a fire did unfortunately occur, the majority of the interior of an office would likely be completely destroyed. If you keep any important files/documents or any other valuable items that require extra protection on site, then getting a fireproof cabinet or cupboard could be absolutely key to saving them. The longer these items have a resistance to any potential fire damage, the better. 

SGC is here to help your business

Following some or all of these steps can make a huge difference to your day-to-day business security concerns, especially during a second national lockdown. Being burgled can have a lasting effect on trade and staff morale. We know all too well what an unpleasant situation it is to be in. And the emotional distress is the last thing you need during these times of uncertainty. 

Having peace of mind can prove to be invaluable, so it’s worth seeing which areas you could improve when it comes to the security of your business’s premises, personnel and assets. If you have a vacant property that needs protecting, our team can provide the proactive and effective approach you need when it comes to fulfilling your empty property security requirements.

We are a leading void property security company and have been for over a decade. Meaning you will receive industry-leading security for your vacant property. We also provide FREE comprehensive site security audits and can assess exactly what security services will be most effective for your business – simply contact us here today.

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