Partnerships for Safer Cities

The Cross-sector Safety & Security Communications (CSSC) is a partnership between law enforcement, local and national government organisations and private sector businesses.

The purpose of CSSC is to disseminate Security and Safety information to its subscribers across the UK, to further awareness of any up-and-coming announcements, safety / security threats within the UK as well as those that happen internationally and its impact on the UK. This information allows companies to appropriately prepare and initiate any appropriate business continuity plans and procedures as required. The information received is annouced by Industry Sector Leaders (ISL’s) and the content is often invaluable, so much so that in 2013 CSSC were awarded the Best Contribution to Continuity & Resilience award at the CIR Business Continuity Awards 2013.

There are 3 regions which the CSSC covers which are currently:

  • London
  • Eastern Region
  • Scotland

The future plan is to expand across the entire UK – this doesn’t mean that news is limited to those within those areas, the news and information reported is international but managed by these 3 hubs.

Information is everything from transport strikes, terrorist attacks, counter-terrorism success, organised and unorganised public marches and cyber security and fraud activity and much more. At SGC Security Services, we are receiving this information and sharing to our clients to further spread the security and safety awareness

cross sector safety


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