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In the current economic climate, with an ever increasing number of commercial and residential properties standing left empty and theft a growing industry, void property security is even more important than normal.

SGC SECURITY SERVICES void property security services will help you comply with your duty of care and building insurance requirements, as well as reducing the risk of theft, squatting, and vandalism.

We use our own dedicated 24-hour security Control Centre in the United Kingdom to monitor cameras and GSM alarm systems at your premises and if required deal with alarm activations at your vacant property.

We can also install state-of-the-art temporary alarm systems linked directly to our 24-hour security Control Centre in the United Kingdom.

Insurance Requirements

Many insurers insist on the property being visited a minimum of once a week whilst the property is empty as part of your policy 

Accompanied Site Visits

Allow one of our SIA Security officers to attend your viewings for peace of mind.
Our full range of void security services includes site preparation and clearance, fencing, cleaning services, property inspections, electronic security, manned guarding security services, uniformed response security services, bailiff services, traveller eviction, lock changes, drain downs, utility cut-offs, letter box sealing, landscaping, security key holding, security mobile patrols, temporary intruder alarm systems, insurance inspections and security signage.

Meter Readings

As part of the visit our officers can record any information you require such as gas and electric meter readings, they can also complete an agreed template form and add pictures if needed keeping you updated weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Property Inspections

When a property is known to be empty it becomes a target for squatters and thieves, with metal theft being a huge problem for the void property market.

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