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The Team

Paul Macarthur

With a security career spanning over two decades, Paul has managed many international contracts and projects. His operational experience spans a wide range of specialist sectors in the security industry, from managing large-scale public events to international service contracts. Paul’s experience in the executive protection sector is much valued, due to his strong success rate and his robust, calm professional manner during tasks. With an extensive network, he has access to supporting data affecting such assignments (such as threat assessments and other key criteria). He is also an instructor in executive protection, mentoring students Europe-wide.

How can I help?

  • Deliver and manage all contract security services
  • Introduce key innovative technologies related to the security industry as both cost-savings on frontline operational and back office administrative purposes
  • Be the senior security liaison for all key stakeholders within each region or country
  • Liaise with law enforcement on behalf of clients and key stakeholders
  • Attend key client meetings and briefings
  • Project management on local, national and international basis

Anthony Barnes

Joined SGC Security Services 6 years ago and has developed throughout the business; an excellent ambassador for SGC Centre of Excellence. Anthony has gained detailed operational knowledge across a range of sectors and incorporates this throughout our client portfolio. Anthony has a continued hunger to develop his skills and champions the same of others within his team both internally/externally and remains steadfast in the pursuit of excellence for all our clients.

How I can Help?

  • 100% of contrail compliance 100% of the time – Ensuring that any planned or unplanned absence is managed effectively and causes no disruption to day to day operations.
  • The timely and accurate production of all management reports, monthly and ad hoc, to deadline.
  • The direction and ongoing support of all direct reports including the provision of any relevant training, career development and day-to-day performance management.
  • Building effective teams, developing motivation and commitment and maintaining sound labour relations and morale.
  • Actively functioning and co-operating within the support operational team in to ensure communication is effective and all contractual objectives are meet.
  • Providing a higher level of technical and commercial support to the team, ensuring adequate coaching where any skills shortages are found.
  • Challenge to the status quo and introduce innovation to operational working routines.

Richard Webster

With key operational and commercial knowledge, having managed at senior level for the last 20 years, Richard’s wealth of experience allows for a professional competence to introduce innovative ways of working to enhance best practice throughout the business and contracts we service. Always championing a partnership approach with all clients and a working ethos based upon principles of trust, mutual respect and the sharing of common goals; Richard evolves working relationships with every business stakeholder.

How can I help?

  • Strategic development and management of the contracts key objectives in line with the overall security objectives.
  • Strategic direction for account and working with you and your management team.
  • Accountability for the commercial management of the contract and P&Ls including control, monitoring and management of overhead cost, expenditure and invoicing.
  • Ensure all operational services and agreed objectives are consistently delivered on time and in accordance to the contract requirements via your account management team.
  • Management and personal development of the site based management and administration to ensure excellence in customer service and operational delivery.
  • Operational meetings / team briefings with management and staff to deliver clear understanding of the contract objectives and contract performance, displaying excellence in communication.
  • The ability to manage large and small scale teams including mentoring, motivating and encouraging training.

Don Randall MBE

A former senior police officer specialising in fraud and counter-terrorism, followed by 21 years’ in the private sector in investment and central banking. With 49 years’ experience in the security industry at local, national and international levels; Don is a renowned senior security expert. He is a specialist in Strategic Leadership, Management Oversight & Direction, Awareness/Education, Project Management, Policy & Governance, Integration & Cultural Change Management.

How can I help?

  • Security expertise in multi-disciplines including Physical & Technical Security, Investigations, Fraud Prevention & Detection, Anti-Money Laundering, Pre-Employment Screening, Executive Protection, Cyber Intelligence, Business Continuity and Crisis Management.
  • Substantial law enforcement connectivity at local, national and international levels.
  • Recognised global public speaker and panel expert in security, fraud, counter-terrorism and cyber crime.
  • Exponent in implementing security change and maximising cost effectiveness through deployment of innovative technical and behavioural pattern analysis tools.

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