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SGC Security Services are pleased to support the following event, our staff and management will be giving up their free time to issue warm clothing, blankets, food etc. We have decided not to issue Christmas cards this years but as a company we have brought 100 sleeping bags which we will be giving out to the homeless people along our route.

Anybody who would like to donate their old clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, food etc. would be gratefully accepted. We have given up our boardroom to be used as a storeroom for all the items we collect before the19th December 2013.

This is a continuation from last year’s event which saw a group of local people get together, and walk across London handing out over 200 cooked meals, blankets and clothes to the rough sleepers in and around central London.

As last year was a pilot for the event, there have been a few tweaks, and for this year’s hand-outs we will stay in the Victoria area only and we will meet slightly earlier to ensure everyone is able to get home safe without any disruptions.

Thank you to everyone who joined in and supported the event last year hopefully we can all get together and make this Christmas even more memorable to those who are unfortunate enough to be sleeping rough at this time of the year.

Meet Points-

  • 6pm Fulham Broadway Station
  • 45pm/7pm Sloane Square Station
  • 30 pm Victoria Station (outside the Shakespeare)
  • 9pm Charing Cross Station
  • 30pm Finish – Christmas Drinks

Bring spare blankets/throws/ or food

Don’t forget to wrap up warm!

Feel free to jump in or out of the walk at any time/point along the route. Give as much or as little as you want.

Christmas time should be a joyful and safe time for every one of all races, genders and backgrounds. Unfortunately a small percentage of people living in London will be spending Christmas on the cold lonely streets of London.

To help make Christmas special for everyone this event hopes to bring people together to help put a smile on a homeless persons face. If you have spare blankets, warm clothing or extra food you are willing to give then please come and join me, in my walk across London hoping to help make a difference to someone’s life.

On Saturday the 21st of December we will be handing out cooked meals and blankets to people we see sleeping rough on the streets. We are also collecting tinned and packet food to make into hampers for the Salvation Army Christmas appeal.

If we all come together I’m sure we can make sure no one goes cold or hungry or without feeling loved this Christmas. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything to give, as I’m sure just your time will be appreciated and even just coming along to befriend and talk to someone can make all the difference! Any ideas are welcome. And please invite everyone!! Happy Holidays

All food, blankets and clothing that we do not manage to give out during the walks will be donated to the Salvation Army Christmas appeal.
It’s about more than the food and the blankets and the clothes. It’s about giving our time to show those who have fallen on hard times that there are people who do care. No one should feel alone.

** This year we will stay in the homeless hotspots in Westminster and we will be making stop offs at several of the local hostels including the Salvation Army and King George’s hostel in Victoria on great peter street**

SGC Security Services would like to thank their clients, staff and suppliers during 2013 and we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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