SGC SECURITY SERVICES provides both male and female security guards and stewarding officers for exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, product launches, private parties and many other events; whether they are practised nationally or internationally. We adhere to every associated practice related to your event, including liaising with licensing agencies, emergency services, planning and training requirements.

We can support your event by providing one security officer all the way up to the provision of hundreds of staff for large scale events and occasions.

Our arsenal contains:

  • Safety Management Officers (Level 4 NVQ Safety Officers)
  • Response Staff
  • The Provision of Search & Handcuff Trained Staff
  • Event Security Risk Assessments First Aid and Paramedic Services
  • 24-hour National Control Centre
  • Security Stewards
  • Security Officers
  • Undercover Officers for ticket touts and illegal merchandising
  • Pit Security
  • Car Park stewards
  • Pit Trained staff
  • CCTV staff


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