A WITNESS to the late-night violence at Bishop’s Stortford bar The Fountain earlier this week said that the trouble started between groups of “travellers and Turks”.

The man contacted the Observer to praise the Station Road nightspot’s bouncers – and told how the manager was knocked unconscious by a traffic cone containing ballast thrown by one of the thugs.

An altercation inside the bar spilled out onto the street just after 2am on Tuesday.

The witness said: “I was there Monday night. There were a group of travellers having a spat between [sic] a group of Turks.”

He said that the bouncers stepped in to calm matters and it appeared that trouble had been averted as one of the “travellers” shook hands with a member of the door staff.

“20 seconds later the travellers have made a beeline for the Turks. The bouncers intervened. They managed to get these idiots out of the venue and street-side. There they continued there [sic] violent intent.”

The witness said that one of the bouncers was wrestling two of the travellers, managing to keep them at a distance.

“One traveller broke free, got to the front door and started smashing it against some other bloke, maybe an innocent in all this commotion.”

He said that another traveller picked up road cones containing ballast which were there for use during road works that night.

“He started launching them towards anyone who was by the front door. The manager was unfortunate not to have seen this, knocked him clean out.”

The witness said that the Fountain’s door security team – who he referred to as “Grandad, Garfield and Kevin” – were “first class” throughout and put customers’ safety first.

“They did fantastic against a group who were hell-bent on causing maximum damage and injury,” he said.

The injured manager, who suffered a serious open head wound, was taken to Harlow’s Princess Alexandra Hospital by ambulance.

Police were also called to the scene.

A statement posted on Facebook by The Fountain said that the “unfortunate” incident was the second such major one in as many weeks “regarding mindless thugs”.

It continued: “We would like to say that Terry the manager is doing well. He has received a serious open wound to the head.

“However, this is not a regular occurrence at The Fountain and we think that we are still a favourite and safe venue.

“We cannot allow a small number of people to ruin the enjoyment of many others.

“We at The Fountain will carry on providing good nights out for many and Terry will be back at work very soon.”

Three men made off from the scene.

No one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

SOURCE: Herts & Essex Observer

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