The Issue

Already using a software package to manage the Man Guarding and FM components of the business, SGC Security Services identified that they required a more flexible and dynamic approach to workforce management. Unsatisfied with the limitations of their current system, the management team at SGC Security Services required a solution that would enable a more proactive way of working; with relation to absence management and any short notice emergency requests. Requiring a software solution that would enable the business to further enhance their high quality service delivery, SGC Security Services needed to be able to quickly identify and then deal with any workforce/patrol problems before they became an issue for the client.

Running deeper than excellent service management, SGC Security Services’ commitment to high quality customer service is founded in the recruitment of the very best employees. To ensure that only suitably qualified, skilled and professional people are recruited to the SGC Security Services team, the technology requirement also needed to include a software based staff screening solution. The provision of the software made this possible for SGC Security Services to achieve this.

The Challenges

Employing a team of 338 security guards, dispersed across multiple sites throughout the UK, SGC Security Services needed a single software solution that would be quick and easy to implement across the company structure. Similarly the technology needed to be equally as simple both in its operation and in its integration with existing software. Ultimately the challenge for any new software solution lay in its ability to improve efficiencies and cut processing time.

The Solution

Workforce Management Software has been a focus for Innovise Software for over twenty years. Solutions include staff and task scheduling, time, attendance and pre employment screening/vetting. Ticking all of the boxes specified by SGC Security Services, Innovise’s TimeGate and PASS solutions were the ideal software options. Of the TimeGate solution, Bryan Tilbury, Control Centre Manager at SGC Security Services comments:

“Innovise is a renowned supplier of Workforce Management Software solutions, so to that effect, we were very keen to work with them in finding us a solution that would enable us to run our business more effectively. The TimeGate solution was exactly what we required. Allowing us ultimate control over our large team of security guards, TimeGate enables us to ensure that we are satisfying each and every contract to the highest standard. Planning, monitoring and reviewing workforce activity means that we have a more transparent process in place now, and it is something that we plan to share with our clients in the future.

Giving selected customers the opportunity to have ‘view only access’ to the TimeGate software and enabling them to independently see how work is being completed, is certainly a significant indication of how confident we are with the technology and our own service provision.”

Being hosted and web-based, both the TimeGate and Personnel Automated Screening Software (PASS) solutions are extremely flexible and simple to implement. Requiring no additional and expensive hardware, the new software was up and running in minimal time giving SGC Security Services immediate opportunity to optimise their management capabilities.

Bryan continues:
“We currently have all of the management and Head Office staff using the software and it is widely agreed that the switch has been a productive one. Obviously, as with any major change in software, we have had a few teething problems, but through the ever present support of the Innovise team, problems have been quickly rectified and we are now realising the huge benefits of the TimeGate and PASS solutions on a daily basis.”

Providing SGC Security Services with a rigorous pre-employment screening procedure Innovise’s PASS was specifically created to transform and optimise the manual screening process into a highly efficient and transparent operation. Powerful and accurate, the PASS solution is designed to automate the screening (or vetting) of staff to meet any standards required by the user. Proven to reduce processing time by an average of 40%, SGC Security Services is the latest in a long list of companies in the UK to benefit from the efficiencies that the PASS solution provides.
Built with integration into third party applications, PASS complements Innovise’s TimeGate workforce management solution, enabling a one-time data entry and the ability to drive total compliance to all areas of the SGC Security Services business. Automating most of the manual processes involved in screening a candidate from simply sending references to updating the candidate file, the automated capabilities of PASS will save SGC Security Services vital man hours and considerable administrative costs. Integrated with the SIA Licensing process to assist in the new application process (within the UK), PASS stores all the key candidate information including a complete audit trail of notes and actions to make screening of potential employees quick and accurate.

Pleased with the results that Innovise software has delivered to SGC Security Services, Bryan concludes:

“Without a doubt, I can see that Innovise software and continued investment in it will allow us to move forward as a business.”

Able to dovetail seamlessly into existing software, TimeGate’s modular make-up enables growing businesses to gradually change and invest in additional functionality as needs and workforces grow. Including powerful staff scheduling software and T&A capture to enhance workforce efficiency, TimeGate’s suite of optional modules also offers SGC Security Services the opportunity to span workforce absence management and financial performance management.

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