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SGC Security Services

SGC Security Services provide private investigators, private detectives and security services for public, commercial, corporate and legal clients throughout the UK. SGC Security Services’ Investigators also have extensive experience in carrying out international assignments. All staff, both male and female, are highly experienced, professional, and come from military or police backgrounds.

Whatever your circumstances SGC Security Services will provide you with a discreet, professional, efficient and confidential service that is flexible and priced competitively to suit all requirements and budgets.

Counter Surveillance

SGC SECURITY SERVICES surveillance techniques providing total reassurance that your competitors and/or criminals are not monitoring your every move or conversation.

Our operatives have vast experience in the use and deployment of covert technical equipment with an in depth knowledge of counter surveillance measures. In addition to electronic searches, physical searches of the suspected and surrounding area will be conducted. This includes vehicles and proposed meeting places.

Following initial contact a full risk assessment will be completed and an agreed strategy and course of action. SGC Security Services will prepare a comprehensive report of our findings including in depth security recommendations that will be supplied following the survey.

Covert Surveillance

With expertise gained at home and abroad our surveillance teams are often called upon to support operations run by government agencies, police forces, local authorities, major international corporations, investigative journalists and insurance companies. Our reputation is such that other private investigators and security providers use our surveillance expertise when conducting specialist, high profile, high risk or delicate operations.

We have an extensive fleet of covert surveillance vehicles, each specifically modified for the role. All vehicles are equipped with covert video cameras facing to the front and rear, fully integrated communications system, GPS tracker system and covert internal location areas. In addition, our dedicated fleet of static surveillance vehicles can adopt the appearance of commercial and private operations to blend into any rural or urban environment.

Our surveillance Imagery is equally first rate. Each surveillance operator is fully trained and qualified and uses only the very latest professional video and photographic systems.

Due Diligence

There are many situations in which due diligence background checks provide vital business intelligence:

  • General background screening
  • Assessing business competitors or opponents in litigation
  • Employment background check
  • Property & asset searches
  • Business history checks
  • Corporate filings
  • Civil litigation history

You can be assured that the SGC Security Services team is experienced in working anonymously and with discretion at all stages during an enquiry.

Employee Surveillance

In this current economy, an ever increasing demand is being placed upon companies with employment law; you need to be sure that employees are acting in a fair and responsible manner.

No employer wants to wrongly accuse an employee that is genuinely off with illness, but some suspicions can be wholly founded. SGC SECURITY SERVICES have sighted examples of employees absent and working elsewhere whilst claiming their sickness payment, starting other businesses in direct competition with their employer and those that claim illness when there is no such illness present.

Discreet surveillance can be undertaken whereupon evidence can be ascertained as to the validity of the claim or not. Surveillance enquiries are conducted in such a way so that they will not come to the attention of the employee, thereby protecting the employee/employer relationship in genuine cases. If evidence of unlawful absence is discovered this will be reported in a format sufficient to take the matter to Industrial Tribunal should this be necessary.

Fraud Investigation

SGC Security Services is dedicated to providing a high standard of service to all our clients. We will provide this via our trained and security cleared professional staff.

A professional and specialised investigation will be carried out with sensitivity. These investigations can be commenced throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and Europe.

All investigations will be carried out paying cognisance to Data Protection and Human Rights. Wherever a Client requires an investigation, Risk management or General consultancy advice Global will assist with professionalism. Here are just a few types of cases we regularly investigate:

  • Retail Fraud Investigation
  • Test Buys
  • Collision Investigation
  • Summons delivery
  • Road Traffic Collision Investigation & Reports (Locus)
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Fraudulent Compensation Claims from Employers,
  • Matrimonial enquiries Adoption/relative/family/friends tracing,
  • Missing persons
  • Complete Security installation of overt/covert Cameras
  • Evidence gathering Statement taking Surveillance Teams (mobile & Static)

Matrimonial / Infidelity Investigation

A matrimonial surveillance investigation is an extremely sensitive operation, if you have concerns or reasons to suspect that your partner is cheating on you or there are some relationship misdemeanors that do not add up it may be time to enlist the help of a private investigator.

SGC Security Services have handled thousands of matrimonial investigations over the years and can ensure the up most discretion and sensitivity to your relationship when undertaking and gathering vital evidence via a matrimonial surveillance investigation.

We will prove either way whether or not your fears are justified by monitoring, reporting and presenting you with the evidence you need. If you suspect your loved one is cheating on you or engaging in activities that could be damaging to your long term future please do not hesitate to speak with one of our team today.

Test Purchasing

A test purchase project is a legitimate way to test and discover the honesty and loyalty levels of employees. SGC Security Services investigators have many years of experience in managing test purchase projects, testing employees from any department within the business.

These projects allow our investigators to identify any employee involved in dishonest activity. Test purchasing is also a very effective way to reduce internal theft and collusion between customers and employees.

With the aid of specialised covert equipment, our Test Purchasing investigators are able to legally record all test purchases and present evidence as and when required.

Undercover Operatives

When the management of a company has a suspicion or feeling that something is not right with employee behaviour. An undercover operative used correctly can determine if there is reason for concern or not. SGC Security Services undercover investigators are specially trained to fit into any business and unearth the information or evidence needed to stop criminal activity in the workplace.

Our operatives will provide you with the intelligence needed to address a specific problem or confirm that your concerns were unfounded. SGC SECURITY SERVICES will provide written reports to keep you informed as to what has been discovered and we will advise you as to what course of action should be taken based on our findings.

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