About Us

Our world is driven by technology and time-efficient ways of working. As such, at SGC Security Services we are always adapting our way of working to implement new security technologies, security systems and security solutions so that we are always able to offer the most up-to-date technology and planning to your contract or project.

One of our key innovations is our use of technology in our day-to-day operation whether it is our staff management system which is purely web-based, the app that our staff access to manage their work schedule, our live tracking of vehicles, our lone worker system for our own staff as well as customers at vulnerable sites, our CCTV platforms, our paperless reporting platform for our operational site visits, mobile patrols and alarm call-outs. These are just some of the innovative technologies that we have integrated into our operation which ease our reporting to clients.

Additionally, we are able to offer these services to our clients in their operation to assist with the safety, security and budget management of their work.

We also have a very successful track record of establishing relationships with Law Enforcement Agencies, whereby we are able to establish an intelligence sharing forum and platforms.

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