The Government Security Zone is a designated area created following increased terrorism threats since the year of 2003.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) then commissioned a GSZ police control room to be put in place in May 2004. This control room is manned by highly trained police officers and police staff with around the clock surveillance. Staff receive specialist training designed to spot suspicious or hostile activity.

Significant CCTV and ANPR systems within the control room, help officers to provide an immediate command and control facility in support of any type of incident that may occur.

With attacks targeting London and other cities across Britain in recent months, it is not a surprise the public have been put on high alert. Thus, we help to maintain a calm and professional manner daily – eradicating potential attacks and increasing public confidence and reassurance.

SGC takes great pride in our standard of service, this is attested by our accreditations and awards. We’re a professional, reliable and safe pair of hands – with excellence as standard.

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