CCTV Monitoring and Installation

SGC Security Services

Remote Monitoring 

SGC Security Services provides on and off-site CCTV monitoring services and are practised nationally and internationally, with a strong focus on London and surrounding areas for the corporate, commercial, industrial and residential premises; through the use of remote digital technology and innovation.

Using state-of-the-art equipment these systems allow for: the control and monitoring of cameras, opening and closing of gates, Monitoring of fire & intruder alarm systems and personal key holder protection services. All of this from our 24-hour security Control Centre in the United Kingdom.

Our dedicated, fully trained response officers will respond promptly and professionally as soon as alarm activation is received. We will investigate the alarm activation within 60 minutes, we will then alert the appropriate emergency services or we may be instructed to take remedial action to secure the premises until the next working day. Whatever the requirement our dedicated teams are available 24hrs a day 365 days a year to assist you.

We have various levels of monitoring services which are available:

  • Full Security Surveys
  • Monitoring Video Alarm Signals
  • Remote Camera Operation
  • Warning Announcements
  • Notify Emergency Services and Key Holders
  • ADSL Broadband & ISDN

Our Security CCTV systems are carefully planned to suit the area and deliver the quality required to maintain good resolution.

Installation & Maintenance

SGC SECURITY SERVICES are professional UK national installers. We have over a decade of experience in Security CCTV installation and bespoke security solutions.

We install commercial and domestic CCTV and already maintain and support many businesses and homes throughout the UK.

We provide tailor made solutions that fit the need of your business or home; we only provide the most professional hardware and reliable systems to reduce the risk of call-outs and equipment failure.

Covert installs

We can install covert systems which can be integrated or fully blended into any surrounding, these systems can be temporary or permanent and all requirements will be fully designed and agreed with the client. 

CCTV maintenance 

Our maintenance plan can be designed and implemented and tailor made to suit our client’s commercial or domestic needs and we can cover new and old systems. 

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