Bodyguard Supplier | what to look out for

When looking for a bodyguard supplier, it is always good to go for one who is very honest about their work, while also being transparent about their bodyguards, and it is worth gauging the below:

  • Strength – Bodyguards tend to need to look, and be strong, this is simply because there is a chance that something physical will happen and needs to be broke up, or you need to be protected, strength in bodyguards helps to intimidate potential baddies. At SGC Security all of our body guards have proven strength that can solve issues.
  • Diffusal Skills – While some fights or conflict is unavoidable, a good bodyguard wont instantly go physical, they will attempt to diffuse the situation. All our bodyguards at SGC security have been trained in the skills required to effectively diffuse any situation.
  • Experience – This is a skill that cannot be beat or learned, an experienced bodyguard will know strategies to improve their job, subsequently making you as the client far safer. All of our bodyguards have at least 5 years of experience and are some of the best in the industry.
  • Price – This is arguably the least important factor, since you are literally putting a price on your safety, we can say that we offer a very low price for what we offer.
  • Friendly – Bodyguards don’t have to be menacing, you can easily have a bodyguard with a bubbly personality who can still be effective at their work, we pride ourselves on the fact that our bodyguards are fun to talk to while still being effective at their job.

If the above sounds good then why not get in touch to learn more about us as a bodyguard supplier!


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